City Slickers Dixieland Band
Recorded Live at Cozy O's
Little River, South Carolina on September 1, 2005

City Slickers Dixieland Band

Bobby DeNicola

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Tin Roof Blues, If I Had You,
Basin Street Blues, Sweet Georgia Brown  
(Playing Time: 26:17)


  Traditional Jazz

Performed By:

  City Slickers Dixieland Band


Band Personnel:
Trumpet, Bobby DeNicola
Clarinet, Erich Hunn
Trombone, Kenny Carter
Piano, Ray Malach
Bass, Leo Pulcinella
Guitar: Larry
Drums, Tony DeNicola



Tin Roof Blues,
If I Had You,
Basin Street Blues,
Sweet Georgia Brown

Ray Malach (left) and Tony DeNicola (1927-2006)

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Hey this is me Dorothea playing drums in this festival at Atalaya. I played with Bobby for several years.

Dorothea Taylor

Grade A stuff. I'm unquestionably in your debt.


Gentlemen, thank you for a great time in Dixieland. My brother Paul Wood put me on to this site. Love It! 

Don Wood

I studied with Tony for a long time in my thirties. Tony helped me find a path back to what was most important in my life. He was a person I could always count on for his honesty and he always expressed the most profound ideas in the simplest way possible. I will always be grateful for his perception, insights and mentoring and I would love a copy of the CD if one is available.

David Stier


Marie Jo-Jo's

I knew Bobby for only a short time and made some of the cutters he used in the manufacture of his mouthpieces. I had no idea that he was as famous as he was. He was a very nice man and I am saddened to hear of his passing.

Tom Horne

Hello! I was a student of Tony for awhile and I remember he played me some mixes of this performance on a CD. Is the CD available for purchase? Any leads, let me know!

Karl Palma

Hi Karl.  I'll send you an e-mail on how to obtain the CD.  If anyone else is interested in getting one, please inquire in the Comment Box above. Thanks, Kenny Carter

Great Stuff my friend, I Love dixieland. Been playing drums 55 yrs.

Buddy Parham

Great traditional blues. For a free jazz lover, is refreshing listen this sound.

Jorge Vasconcelos

Thanks Kenny,

I just found some time to look at my e-mail and found this excellent living memorial for Tony and Bobby DeNicola. I will have my spur of the moment announcement on that day of the "City Slickers Dixieland Band"  always connected to these two great musicians and friends.

We will miss them.

Erich Hunn

I was only acquainted with Bobby and Tony DeNicola a short time, but I am grateful for the privilege. Bobby did a repair on my trombone and my daughter's clarinet, and even silver-plated my mouthpiece. He wouldn't hear of any payment or reimbursement.

Bobby and Tony will be missed by all who knew them.

Kenny Carter

Hello All,

For those of you who knew him or knew of him, trumpeter/designer/repairman Bobby DeNicola passed into the spiritual realm Thursday, November 2, 2006.

Bobby was known and loved by many, many people.  He was the designer of the "Puje" (his own trumpet/cornet/flugel combination horn) that has been used by many traditional jazz players in recent years. He also had his own line of mouthpieces and was a master repairman. He lived in Murrell's Inlet, SC, and touched many, many people with his kindness, generosity, and really sharp wit.

I knew Bobby for over 20 years and will miss him greatly.......

Rest in peace, Bobby D............

"Luck is preparation meeting opportunity"

 I knew Bobby when he was living in Jersey. There was no finer man. 

You will be missed Bobby. 

John Clark

I have a custom mouthpiece he made for me in NJ in the shop behind his
house -think around 1972.  I don't think I can play on anything else.  I
could always find another horn, but not his mouthpiece.

Robert Ricks

My deepest sympathy goes out to Bobby's daughters and to his extended family, so soon losing another family member, his brother Tony.

He was a good friend, good musician, and had a good word to say about everybody.
He will be missed by all who knew him.

Tony Capolingua

When I saw this "piece" on Bobby DeNicola, and Tony I got very saddened and shed a few tears. I studied drums with Tony from the age of 14 to 20, and played with Bobby at a nite club in Trenton, N.J. for over 3 years 6 nites a week. I was very close with Bobby in those days. I had heard about both of them passing away last year. I don't play too much anymore, but have fabulous memories of both.

Carl Lowenthal

Not enough thanks in the world to the person who posted this.......these two guys were more family to my husband than you could ever believe. peter still plays bobby's mouthpiece, and tony was our best man at our wedding. does anybody know how i could possibly save the sounds as wav.s or something from this website? please advise. thanks.

Sharon and Pete Austin

I had the pleasure of knowing Bobby when he lived in NJ. He sat in once in a while in a big band I used to perform with. One night, he came in with a trumpet he built, and let me try it. It was the best horn I had ever played. Over the next few weeks, he installed an adjustable receiver on it, tweeked it here and there, and, along with one of his mouthpieces, made this horn a keeper. I bought it from him after he had it plated. I use it exclusively to this day. He was a great player and craftsman. I also had the privilege of knowing Tony for many years as instructor of Jazz at Trenton State College. He was a good friend and incredible talent. I remember these special brothers fondly.

Joe Komarek

Bobby's horn

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