Leaksville 1923 Ford Model T

This 1923 Ford Model T car was acquired and restored by my brother Richard (Dick) Chenausky, President of El Paso Aero  of El Paso TX. My son Bill Chenausky lives in Rock Hill, SC, and had lived for some time in Charlotte, NC. When I forwarded the pictures to him, he researched Leaksville and found your site. I hope someone can identify the car dealership painted on the back and if we are really lucky someone will know something about the car. A remote probability I know.       ---Walt Chenausky

Click here to hear life-long Leaksville  resident Howard Cecil  "Buddy" Carter talk about his recollections of his Ford T-Model...

Do you know the name of the dealership on the back of this car (see below)?

Leaksville, NC can clearly be seen on the back, but the name of the dealership (which looks like "Bridges") is almost faded out.  If you know who the car dealer was, please e-mail kenny@leaksville.com

Update: I've had three people write in and say that they, or people they've asked, remember a Bridge Street Motors in Leaksville long ago, somewhere on Bridge Street...either near the old Sealtest, or at the present location of Reggie Denney's Repair shop...Thanks to Steve Turner, Ronnie Hooker, and Nellie Carter for  their information...Kenny

The "Before" Pictures...
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The "After" Pictures...
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(Photo and information submitted by  Walt Chenausky)

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